Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How long will my magnetic signs last with normal use?
A. Your student driver magnetic signs should last for 3 to 5 years of continued outdoor use as long as the care & cleaning instructions are followed.

Q. Do the signs I purchased from you come with a Warranty?
A. Yes we offer a warranty for our student driver magnetic signs. The magnetic material used in our signs is warranted by the manufacturer against cracking, peeling or fading for three years from the date of purchase.

Q. What are the basic cleaning instructions for my signs?
A. Removing the magnet from the vehicle surface for daily cleaning of the magnet side and the vehicle surface is recommended. This will ensure that your magnetic signs will last for years. To accomplish this, simply peel the magnet away from the vehicle and clean behind the magnet surface of the vehicle. Make sure you gently wipe away and remove any dust and moisture that may have accumulated Always use a soft cloth and warm water with a mild detergent.

Q. How should I store my magnets?
A. Magnets should be stored indoors at room temperature and never inside a vehicle. 

Q. How far can my magnet signs be viewed from?
A. Your magnetic signs are visible from a minimum of 50 feet away, regardless of size. 6 x 24" magnetic signs can be viewed from a distance of 180 feet, giving other drivers plenty of time to react to your cautionary student driver warning placard.

Q. What is the best product to use if I want my driver to be safe at during the day and at night?
A. If you are trying to protect the driver during the day and night time hours, please purchase a reflective student driver sign as they will give you the highest visibility during day and night time hours.

Q. What type of magnetic sheeting do you use in the process of making magnetic student driver signs?
A. We use a 0.30 mill magnetic sheeting that is manufactured in United States. The sheeting we use is the strongest and the highest quality sheeting that is available on the market today. We have spent many hours rigorously testing our magnetic sheeting to ensure our customers will receive an exemplary product. The solid magnetic sheeting has a an 85 pound pool rating that is speed rated to 80 mph. When you purchase from us you are assured a high-quality produce that is manufactured right here in the United States.

Q. Do you offer returns for student driver car magnets?
A. Yes, we offer returns as well as long they are shipped within seven days of the time of purchase. We do not accept returns that are not authorized. Please contact a customer service representative to obtain a return authorization number so that we may reference your specific order before returning the magnetic signs. All refunds will be given on the day the return is received. All returns will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. Return shipping costs are not covered and no shipping charges are refunded.

Q. Are reflective magnetic signs reflective on both the background color and the text color?
A. Yes, they can be. We offer 3 different options to choose from for all of our layouts. They can come completely non-reflective, reflective lettering only as well as a option for both the background color and lettering are reflective.

Q. How fast can I drive with my magnetic signs on my vehicle?
A. We do not recommend exceeding speed limit posted in your locality however you will not have a problem with them coming off at speeds not exceeding 90 mph. Our magnetic signs will hold up to extreme windy conditions as long as they are not applied to a surface that allows air to collect beneath the magnetic sign surface. Because of this, we do not suggest placing magnetic signs over harsh curves or angles as this will create an air pocket in between the magnetic sign and vehicle allowing a vacuum effect to pull the magnet sheeting off of your vehicle.

Q. Do you warranty magnetic signs against fly off's or loss due to theft?
A. No. We do not warrantee them against fly-offs or theft as we are not in control of the conditions in which the magnetic sign is applied to the vehicle. If you follow the care and cleaning instructions and apply the magnet to a flat surface on your vehicle, you will not have an issue with fly offs. The only way a fly off can occur is for air to come in between the magnetic sheeting and the vehicle. This only occurs if harsh gaps, right angles and strong curves are attempted to be bridged by the magnetic sheeting.